About us

Strivo develops investment solutions for individuals as well as companies and institutions. Our goal is to offer our customers the market's most attractive investments, adapted to current market conditions and individual risk preferences.

Who we are

Strivo is an independent securities company specializing in the development and implementation of financial investment solutions. Our success is based on a profound and long-term specialist knowledge gathered from experience with the world’s leading investment banks. Our clients include individuals, companies and institutions who want to invest their capital in the market’s most attractive investment solutions.

Strivo was founded in 2009 under the name Strukturinvest Fondkommission, with the ambition of making alternative investment solutions accessible to the broader public. Over time, knowledge and the desire for innovation has broadened the business and laid the foundation for what Strivo is today.

Strivo has established itself as a modern and digital platform for financial products and services in close cooperation with financial advisors and asset managers throughout the country.

Quality, innovation and reliability

Strivo intend to offer a consistently high-quality level of products as well as service, with the aim of creating long-term returns that outperform what other market players have to offer. The key driving force is to continually provide our customers with the best toolbox for a highly diversified and attractive portfolio of investment products, and always with a high degree of freedom of choice. Our goal is to offer the country’s best private banking solution that combines a leading technical platform with locally-based financial advisors through our nationwide network of advisory agencies.

Our employees have extensive experience and wide competence within the finance sector. We tailor-make, coordinate and implement all offerings in close collaboration with the leading investment banks, dealers and managers. Our market-oriented business satisfies and is responsive to the changing needs of the market and we work hard to create attractive combinations of risk and return with the investor’s interests in focus.


Key to becoming a successful investor is to have a solid knowledge of the instruments in which one invests. Today, many financial products are complex in their design. Against this background, Strivo has always placed great emphasis on educating partners, industry colleagues and customers. Our award-winning education initiative Strivo Academy is just one example of this knowledge orientation. Through ongoing free courses and digital education material, Strivo Academy aim to provide a good understanding of a wide range of investment products and how they are structured, what underlying instruments they are made of and what risks and reward opportunities they are characterized by. Strivo is also a certified education partner for InsureSec.

Our role in society

The capital market plays an important role in society by distributing capital between lenders and borrowers. Without a well-functioning capital market, companies would have little chances to obtain capital for investments, whereas the supply of savings products for the public would be reduced. Strivo is a piece in this process, and we strive for a consistently high level of quality with the aim of creating long-term benefits for our customers and the society at large. In this endeavor, sustainability work and community engagement are vital elements. Our environmental effort is driven by constant environmental adaptation and our goal is to minimize the business impact on the environment. This is particularly reflected in the investment products we develop. As another part of our community engagement, we work continuously to support charities and fundraisers for charitable causes. Strivo currently supports BRIS, Giving People and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).